Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why we created

The idea for was conceived when the site's founder, Jim, was forced to find a new pair of pants to wear to a meeting with potential investors. After moving across the country and then staining the only pair of decent khaki pants he brought with while golfing the weekend before, Jim had to find a new pair of pants quickly. Immediately jumping to the internet, the source of all answers, Jim hoped to find advice about the perfect pair of pants to wear to his meeting. Not wanting to look too casual or formal, he had hoped to easily search for and find the perfect pants for the occasion. Unfortunately, the search was far more difficult than he expected.

Faced with conflicting information, advice websites without actual product recommendations and retail storefronts with products but no advice, Jim eventually became frustrated and went to a real-life shopping mall. As you can imagine, his experience in the mall was even worse. With seemingly hundreds of stores offering men's clothing, he had no idea where to begin. On top of that, add the crowds, lines, hassle of parking, unhelpful sales people, enormous selection, stock outs of his was then that Jim knew there had to be a better way and the idea for was born. was created to solve the problem's mentioned above and make it as simple as possible to find business casual clothing and advice. Reflecting back on when he had to buy clothes for his first job and all the times he had to supplement his wardrobe throughout his business career, Jim knew a great website like this could help people all over the world find the business casual clothing they need.

Living up to that initial idea, we strive to be the authority on business casual clothing. Offering advice about what kind of business casual clothing is appropriate for any setting and then recommending specific pieces of clothing, makes shopping for Business Casual clothes as easy as it can get. We hope the site helps you with your clothes shopping as well.

Have a great day!!!

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